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Gun, Mental Health, & Laws | Talking Lead Podcast [LISTEN]

In this episode, we tackle some important topics, Mental Health, Guns and Laws.

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Gun, Mental Health, & Laws

Joining Lefty on this episode is Mike Sodini, Founder of Walk The Talk America and Jake Wiskerchen, Founder – C.E.O. of Zephyr Wellness. We discuss how gun laws are purposely discriminatory, inherently racist and undeniably unconstitutional.

In particular, we discuss the H.R.127 – Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act bill that was introduced January 4 2021 by Democratic Texas State Representative Shelia Lee Jackson.

Jake educates us on the mental health therapy side of things and Mike talks about how WTTA has been instrumental in bridging the communication gap between the firearms industry and the mental health industry.

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