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Bug out bag essentials – The Survival University

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March 23, 2019

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March 12, 2020

I was asked by Peter Betts of The Survival Hacks, to contribute my opinion of the top 3 items to put in a bug out bag. I don’t carry a bug out bag any longer or at least I do not carry what most people think  of when you say “bug out bag”. When I did, my bug out bag weighed far more than I can carry over long distances and it had ridiculousness amounts of stuff in it. I began helping people build bug out bags in 2010 when I realized that I had the knowledge, passed down to me through my childhood, to help people that didn’t know where to start. My small mountain town upbringing and outdoor lifestyle made me quickly realize that what most people put in a bug out bag is just not practical if they intended to travel by foot for any substantial amount of time or distance.   I began utilizing my knowledge base and learning new ways to whittle down the size of my bug out bag into something far more practical if I intended to step foot out my door.   Through the years, I have changed my view of prepping and no longer focus on stuff. Instead I focus on training.  While I do still help people build their kits, I spend more time helping them build their skills and knowledge base…

Read the rest of the article “Bug out bag essentials – Expert Roundup (7 Experts)” by The Survival Hacks Expert Reviews & Survival Guides at the link below.

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