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Costa Rica Jungle Adventure – The Survival University

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March 2, 2020

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May 6, 2020

I’m going back down to Costa Rica to see my friend Alberto Lopez for a Jungle Adventure and would like to invite you to come with me. Alberto is the owner and operator of Costa Rica Survival, a survival and adventure business. I have known him for years and spent a couple weeks with him in the jungle. This is an adventure trip with bushcraft and survival training built in. It is not a test your endurance survival trip.

This jungle/coastal survival course is not only a training event but an epic adventure into the deep jungles and coastal areas of Costa Rica. You will eat amazing jungle foods, experience the remote jungle wildlife and go on an epic learning adventure. Everything is planned out and ready for your arrival. All you need to bring is some basic jungle survival gear and you’re ready.

These jungles are one of the most bio diverse regions on the planet and offer unparalleled beauty! Waterfalls, never ending rivers, amazing fishing, incredible wildlife, beautiful beaches, and an unlimited amount of resources for learning bushcraft. This course is designed to start a person off on the basic skills of jungle survival and then build them up to an advanced level in a short amount of time.

You will train with the locals that have been living in the jungle for generations. The goal of this course is how to embrace the jungle and all the wonderful bounties it has to offer. We will teach you this by deep immersion training in the jungle and this entire class will be completely hands on.

Adventurer, entrepreneur, professional long range shooter, life coach, MBA in Finances and Founder of Costa Rica Survival School. ​

Albert Lopez has being training in the jungles for more than 22 years. Putting his skills to the test in the jungles of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Training in the jungles of Nicaragua with the Rama Indians learning their ancient ways of survival and combining then with modern bush craft techniques.

He has being feature in International Survival Reality shows as a survival / safety consultant, working in front and behind camera.

His passion for survival, will guarantee you the best service and survival experience. It’s not just about survival to him it’s about sharing the beautiful jungle!!

Jason Marsteiner

Costa Rica Jungle Adventure – The Survival University is written by Jason Marsteiner for

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